Tea Timer & Storage
T.imer is a storage and timer for tea leaves​​​​​​​. Tea cooking becomes fairly simple with perfect brewing times, dry spaces and a reduction of annoying steps. Enjoy tea at home, at work or anywhere else.
choose tea.
The t.imer can be filled with 3 different sorts of tea, which are thrown into the strainer before brewing the tea. With the lid on the t.imer, the tea becomes separated from the strainer, to enable a dry and dark storage after the tea is prepared.
set time.
The time can be set by turning the upper part of the t.imer. The scale covers up to 6 minutes and is divided into half minute steps, what allows you to prepare each sort of tea with an individual length. By turning the timer, the strainer moves downwards into the water.
empty strainer.
After brewing your tea, simply drag out the strainer and empty it. By putting the lid on the t.imer during the preparation, tealeaves stay dry from dripping water and hot steam.
a look inside.
The strainer sits on a sleigh moving through a spiral (similar to a lipstick) with a discontinuous grade. By setting the time, the clockwork is winding up and the strainer moves through the spiral. With time going by, the strainer is brought back into it's original position.
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